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Attorney Referrals - Brain Injury Cases

The personal injury law firm of Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen welcomes referrals of brain injury cases from lawyers in Virginia and across the country.

For generations, our distinguished attorneys have successfully represented thousands of individuals who have sustained mild, moderate and severe brain injuries caused by careless motorists, negligent product manufacturers, and negligent property owners. We also handle cases for clients who have suffered brain injuries as a result of medical malpractice.

Our Reputation

Our brain injury attorneys enjoy a reputation in the legal community as experienced lawyers who try cases and get excellent results. We share a commitment to understanding the anatomic, medical, and psychological effects of our clients’ brain injuries. Six of our lawyers are listed in Best Lawyers in America and four are certified as civil trial advocates by the National Board of Trial Advocacy.

Medical Experts

Our attorneys have established relationships with many of the best medical minds in the brain injury field, from neurosurgeons, neurologists, and neuropsychologists to rehabilitation professionals. Our lawyers meet with these experts, in person, to ensure appropriate coordination of client treatment and to learn the extent of every client’s brain injury and how it affects his or her everyday life.


At the Allen Law Firm, we prepare every brain injury case as if it will go to trial. We believe this is the only way an attorney can achieve his ultimate goal, an optimal settlement for the client or a substantial jury verdict. To enhance the value of our clients’ cases, our lawyers routinely employ a variety of tools and approaches including mediation, focus groups, sophisticated medical illustrations, and computer generated animation. Meticulous trial preparation enables us to develop powerful and convincing cases on the critical issues of liability, causation, and damages.

The Team

To assist in the delivery of exceptional client service, Allen, Allen, Allen and Allen has set up specialized teams of non-lawyers to provide additional resources to our attorneys in serious brain injury cases. They include:

  • Registered nurses who analyze complex medical records and prepare abstracts for our attorneys and medical experts to review
  • An in-house team of investigators, all of which are former state troopers, who document important evidence at accident scenes, take photographs, and interview witnesses. Their vital work helps our attorneys establish liability at trial
  • A jury panel coordinator who obtains jury lists from state and federal courts and researches background information about potential jurors in order to enable our attorneys to make effective jury strikes
  • Accounting Department staff members who are trained to gather bill balances and lien reimbursement information from Medicare, Medicaid, employers, and health care providers. In severe brain injury cases, this can be an all-important and time consuming undertaking.

For a list of some of the brain injury cases we have brought to a successful conclusion, see our Results Page.

If you would like to associate our firm in one of your brain injury cases, contact Allen, Allen, Allen, & Allen at 866-388-6412. We would be glad to schedule a meeting with one of our experienced brain injury attorneys.