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Some brain injuries are easily recognized and diagnosed when the nature of the injury is severe, but often the damage from brain trauma is more subtle. Even the slightest jolt to the brain can leave long-term challenges to an individual's ability to function normally. Whether the brain injury occurred from a catastrophic event such as a motorcycle crash or what may seem like a simple slip and fall incident, the results of a brain injury can impact one's physical capabilities, decision-making abilities, and even their mental well-being.

For decades, the lawyers of Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen have been devoted to helping individuals who suffered head trauma and families who have lost loved ones because of brain injuries. We have represented clients all across the country and we can handle your case throughout the state including: Portland, Lewiston, Bangor, South Portland, Auburn, Biddeford, Sanford, Brunswick, Augusta, Scarborough, or any other areas of the state.  

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Head injuries can cause a wide range of brain damage affecting vital functions such as concentration, language, physical abilities and emotions. At Allen and Allen, we spend time with our clients to understand the injuries they have suffered and the long term impact those injuries will have on their finances. Recovering from a brain injury often requires lifelong medical care. When a brain injury impacts an individual's ability to work, it is necessary to look to the responsible party and demand that they pay for their carelessness. At Allen and Allen, we will seek justice for our clients. Read more about our brain injury lawyers.

The lawyers of Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen are devoted to the representation of seriously injured individuals and their families all across the country. We have earned a reputation as skilled attorneys who achieve excellent results in the courtroom on behalf of our clients. We have gained national recognition as eight of our attorneys are featured in Best Lawyers in America. Trust the experience of our personal injury attorneys for your Maine brain injury case.

Expert Witnesses

Accidents involving cars or motorcycles, contact sports and falling accidents often cause brain injuries of varying severity, some of which might be difficult to detect. This adds to the complexity of brain injury litigation and is the reason why the use of expert witnesses is so important in a head trauma case.

The brain injury attorneys at Allen and Allen rely on a network of leading authorities in the field of brain injuries to offer medical and practical advice in preparation of our clients’ cases. Their credible testimony addresses all aspects of a client's injury including the physical and mental challenges as well as the economic cost of medical expenses, lost wages and emotional damage.

Allen & Allen Advantage

The attorneys at Allen and Allen are committed to managing your Maine brain injury claim. Because of the complexities of brain injury litigation, it takes more than one lawyer to manage your case; it takes a team of legal professionals working together. At our firm, handling your claim takes the collaborative work of expert witnesses, accident investigators, legal assistants and litigation legal assistants. Whether your case demands a well-negotiated settlement or a courtroom trial, the team at Allen and Allen is ready to work for you.

Over the last century, the personal injury law firm of Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen has devoted its practice to handling claims for individuals and families whose lives have been impacted by the negligence of others. We will stand up to opposing lawyers and insurance companies if they attempt to undervalue your claim and we will aggressively represent your brain injury case. We fight for the best possible results for our clients because we know that their future depends on it.

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The Brain Injury Information Network of Maine is a state-wide organization that provides support groups, educational resources and promotes awareness for brain injured individuals throughout the state of Maine. If you need help trying to cope with a traumatic brain injury, contact their Maine office to get the support that you need and deserve.

Brain Injury Information Network of Maine

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