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Any accident is a potentially life changing event and can result in short-term or long-term impairments to the brain. When you are suddenly faced with the unexpected, it can be difficult to know where to find help. At Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen, we can provide the legal help you need. Our specialized brain injury attorneys have represented individuals who have suffered severe brain injuries because of the negligent acts of others as well as representing families in wrongful death claims because of fatal brain injuries.

Allen and Allen's reputation for success is well known - eight lawyers from our firm are listed in the publication, Best Lawyers in America. We have represented clients nationwide, including in North Carolina, and we can manage your brain injury case in Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Durham, Fayetteville, Cary, Wilmington, High Point and Greenville.

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Every traumatic brain injury is different. Some produce symptoms that disappear over a matter of days,  weeks, or months, but unfortunately some brain injuries produce permanent disabilities that affect one's mental and physical capacities. At Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen, we understand that every brain injury is different for every individual so we take the time to know each client and understand the full impact of their injuries.

The attorneys of Allen and Allen have extensive knowledge and skill in head injury litigation. We help families in North Carolina, and other states, file personal injury claims and wrongful death lawsuits against those people who caused their accidents. We prepare every case for trial so that we are ready to skillfully negotiate with insurance adjustors or present persuasive arguments in a North Carolina courtroom. We are dedicated to helping people suffering from personal injuries and we can effectively manage your brain injury case in North Carolina. Learn more about our brain injury attorneys.

Handling Your Brain Injury Case

Because of the subtle nature of certain brain injuries, it can be challenging to prove liability in a North Carolina brain injury case. Brain injuries have differing degrees of severity and affect each person in unique ways. An individual who has suffered head trauma often has to readjust many areas of their life because of their injury. At Allen and Allen, we understand that any accident can cause devastating brain injuries that bring about emotional stress and economic hardship to individuals and their families.

The Allen Law Firm is known for skillfully managing personal injury cases. Our attorneys understand the importance of hiring the most experienced and knowledgeable experts in the field of brain injury. We work with these leading experts nationwide in areas of medicine, life care planning, finance, and physical therapy to provide a clear explanation of the physical and financial impact of a client's accident and resulting injuries. Their professional observations and powerful testimony regarding a client’s permanent injures and their long road to recovery is crucial to our client's personal injury case in North Carolina. If you have suffered a serious brain injury in a North Carolina accident, our attorneys can help you obtain the maximum compensation for your injuries.

Allen & Allen Advantage

Hiring a personal injury attorney is a big decision. Severe brain injury litigation is demanding and it requires an experienced and skilled attorney who can aggressively manage your case, but it also requires someone that you can trust to look out for your best interests. At Allen and Allen, we are recognized for our proven track-record of obtaining large settlements and jury awards for our clients as well as our client services. Our attention is focused on the needs of our clients as we work to procure the financial compensation that will allow our clients to live the fullest life possible.

Since we began helping injured people over a hundred years ago, the law firm of Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen has worked to build an organization that aggressively protects the rights of our clients through skilled legal representation and effective management of  personal injury cases. Our experienced staff of attorneys, professional investigators, trained paralegals, and competent assistants work together to make sure that you receive the best legal counsel possible. We handle every detail of your claim so that you can focus your attention on getting the help you need to recover from your injuries. We have handled difficult personal injury cases across the country and we can represent your North Carolina brain injury case.

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If you are struggling and looking for ways to cope with your brain injury, contact the Brain Injury Association of North Carolina (BIANC). This state-wide organization provides services and programs for brain injured people and their families throughout North Carolina. From support groups to educational tools, you can find the help and the support you need.  

Brain Injury Association of North Carolina

919-833-9634 / 800-377-1464

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