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A traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is any trauma to the brain which causes any level of damage. Some brain injuries are immediately obvious, but less severe brain injuries often go undiagnosed at the time of the accident. Any jolt or jerk to the brain can impact one's ability to function normally by affecting a person's decision-making capabilities, physical abilities, and overall mental well-being. For decades, the lawyers of Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen have been helping individuals who sustained head trauma and helping families who have lost loved ones because of fatal brain injuries. We have represented clients across the nation as well as clients living in Ohio. We can represent your Ohio brain injury case in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, Akron, Dayton, Parma, Canton, Youngstown and Lorain.

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Even after the superficial wounds have healed, injuries from a head trauma can continue to make it difficult to go about one's daily life. Because of the complexity of brain injuries, you need an experienced attorney with extensive knowledge and skill in brain injury litigation handling your Ohio personal injury case. At Allen and Allen, our brain injury attorneys have devoted their time to helping injured individuals and families through difficult periods of their life by providing the very best legal service. Our lawyers are familiar with the tactics used by insurance companies to avoid paying fair compensation to injury victims. For this reason, we prepare every case for trial so that we can aggressively negotiate with insurance adjustors or present persuasive arguments in the courtroom.

We have the experience and know-how to effectively handle a client's personal injury case in Ohio. Our commitment to excellence has enabled us to recover maximum compensation for our clients' injuries and lost wages. If you have been injured because of another's negligence, allow one of our experienced attorneys to manage your brain injury case in Ohio. Learn more about our lawyers.

Handling Your Brain Injury Case

Brain trauma can affect an individual in numerous ways – physically, mentally and emotionally. Because of its complicated nature, it often requires various medical professionals to treat the different aspects of a patient's injuries. At Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen, we work with different experts throughout each brain injury case to understand the extent of our clients' injuries.

The attorneys of Allen and Allen understand how important it is to hire the most experienced and knowledgeable experts in their field including accident reconstruction experts, neurologists, physical therapists, vocational experts, life care planners and more. When handling your brain injury claim, we partner with these highly regarded professionals to build a strong personal injury case. Their valuable contribution offers insight into the physical and mental challenges of a client's injury and helps evaluate injury-related costs like medical expenses, lost wages and emotional damage. At Allen and Allen, we are committed to handling your Ohio brain injury case while ensuring that your legal rights are protected and your fair compensation won.

Allen & Allen Advantage

When you hire an attorney at Allen and Allen, you have a highly skilled and experienced brain injury attorney managing your Ohio personal injury case. Because we know that brain injury litigation is challenging, our attorneys and staff work together to build a strong case that will get the best results for our Ohio clients.

At Allen and Allen, your legal team handles every detail of your case. Our intake staff, on-staff professional investigators, paralegals, expert witnesses, and litigation legal assistants work with your attorney to gather evidence, collect and assemble complex medical documents, consult with witnesses and experts and handle any other detail required. But rest assured, throughout your case we always take time with you so that you know your legal rights and understand what is happening throughout every part of your case. At Allen and Allen, we have a shared objective – to obtain the maximum compensation for our clients that will provide the best recovery possible.

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The Brain Injury Association of Ohio is a statewide advocacy and education organization that offers support for brain injured individuals and their families throughout the state of Ohio. Their program offers resources such as support groups and educational classes that assist individuals in living as fully and independently as possible. If you need help dealing with a traumatic brain injury, contact their Ohio office:

Brain Injury Association of Ohio

614-481-7100 / 800-444-6443

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