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At the law firm of Allen & Allen our brain injury lawyers have handled cases in Pennsylvania and nationwide. Call 866-388-6412 for a free consultation. Work with lawyers experienced in complex brain injury litigation.

Brain injuries are a serious matter. All brain injuries, regardless of the severity, can create lifelong health complications that dramatically alter the lives of individuals and their families. People dealing with a brain injury usually incur ongoing medical treatments and time away from work which can cause escalating bills and emotional stress. At Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen, we can help. Our personal injury law firm is dedicated to helping individuals and families who have suffered because of the careless or malicious acts of others. We can help you receive the settlement you deserve.

If you, or someone you love, has suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) because of another’s carelessness or a company's negligence, contact Allen and Allen. We have handled cases for clients in Pennsylvania, and throughout the country, and we are ready to take on your brain injury case in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Erie, Reading, Upper Darby, Bethlehem, Scranton, Bensalem and Lower Merion.

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Handling Your Brain Injury Case

Brain injuries have differing degrees of severity and can impact each person differently. Because of the subtle nature of many brain injuries, it makes it difficult to prove liability in a Pennsylvania brain injury case. Make sure that you have an experienced brain injury attorney on your side when fighting for compensation for your injuries. At Allen and Allen, we understand that traumatic head injuries can cause emotional stress and financial hardship to individuals and their families We have helped people nationwide and we can represent your Pennsylvania brain injury case.

As a recognized authority in the legal community, the Allen Law Firm is known for skillfully managing personal injury cases. Our attorneys hire the most experienced and knowledgeable experts in the field of brain injury to examine a client's current medical needs, estimate future medical costs and evaluate a lifetime of lost earnings that have resulted from the client's injuries. We work with these respected experts to clearly demonstrate the full impact of a client's injuries and recovery which can strongly influence the case's final result and compensation award.


At Allen and Allen, we understand how one's life can be abruptly disrupted by a traumatic brain injury. Our attorneys spend time with our clients to understand how their injuries have impacted their life and to determine how it will ultimately impact their future. We have earned a reputation for successfully handling brain injury cases as well as other personal injury cases across the country. We have achieved nationwide recognition in the publication, Best Lawyers in America, which features eight lawyers from the Allen Law Firm.

If you have suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) as the result of an accident in Pennsylvania, you need an experienced brain injury lawyer. The attorneys of Allen and Allen know that any type of brain injury can impact an individual's ability to work and possibly require the need for lifelong medical care. We take into consideration not only the current financial needs of our clients but the future needs as well when seeking compensation. At Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen, our attorneys apply the skill and experience they have acquired from decades of practicing personal injury law to each and every case. We hold the at-fault party accountable for their actions and seek justice on behalf of our clients. Read more about our attorneys.

Allen & Allen Advantage

You are in good hands when you allow Allen and Allen to manage your brain injury case. Our lawyers work diligently to help you recover from the physical, emotional and financial aftereffects of your accident. We know firsthand how complicated brain injury litigation can be, so we have put our efforts into building an exceptional legal team that can effectively manage your personal injury case in Pennsylvania. Our objective is to build a solid, convincing argument that can ensure our Pennsylvania clients get the settlement they deserve. If the insurance company does not offer a settlement that meets our client's needs, we are prepared to take the case to trial in Pennsylvania.

At Allen and Allen, your brain injury attorney will work closely with a team of professionals from accident reconstruction experts, crash investigators, expert witnesses, legal assistants and litigation legal assistants to manage every detail of your Pennsylvania personal injury claim. With attentive and uncompromising dedication, we will work to obtain fair and just compensation for your injuries.

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The Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania strives to improve the quality of life for those people who have been effected by brain injury. They offer support groups and educational resources to all who could benefit from their programs. Contact them to see what services are available near your Pennsylvania hometown.

Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania


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