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Types of Brain Injury

A brain injury or head injury can have devastating and life-altering consequences not only for the individual who suffered the injury but also for their family. For decades the experienced head injury attorneys of Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen have represented victims of mild, moderate and severe brain injuries. Click on any of the menu items to the left to learn more about the different types of brain injury that can occur.

Persistent Vegetative State (PVS)

A person in a coma may progress to a persistent vegetative state (PVS) where he has awakened from his coma but has not regained awareness of his environment. Thereafter, he remains in a state of wakefulness because his reticular activating system (RAS) is functioning. However, he exhibits no cognitive function. Typically, the person in a vegetative state has:

  • No awareness of the world around him and no ability to interact with other people
  • No ability to comprehend or express language
  • No ability to respond purposefully to outside stimuli such as visual, auditory, tactile, or noxious stimuli

A person in a persistent vegetative state suffers from bladder and bowel incontinence. However, he may demonstrate some cranial nerve reflexes like gag, spinal, and eye reflexes. His hypothalamic and brain stem autonomic functions are completely or partially preserved which means he can breathe, maintain his heart rate and rhythm, and maintain gastrointestinal activity. For this reason, persons in a persistent vegetative state are not usually put on any life-support equipment except a feeding tube.

Causes of persistent vegetative state include acute traumatic and non-traumatic brain injury as well as degenerative and metabolic brain disorders and developmental malformations.

Physicians usually make the diagnosis of persistent vegetative state after (1) a person has remained in a vegetative state for a month following an acute or non-traumatic brain injury, or after (2) a person with degenerative and metabolic brain disorders and/or developmental malformations has been in a vegetative state for a month. The prognosis for recovery is poor.

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Persistent Vegetative State Attorneys

Working with the right attorneys can be crucial. To put together a compelling vegetative state lawsuit, you need a PVS attorney who knows how to work with experts who often play a critical role in injury litigation. The persistent vegetative state lawyers of The Allen Law Firm have successfully worked on accident cases that resulted in a persistent vegetative state. If you want an experienced PVS law firm on your side, call 866-388-6412 for a free consultation.