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At the law firm of Allen & Allen, our brain injury lawyers handle cases nationwide and can handle your Rhode Island brain injury case. Call 866-388-6412 for a free consultation. Work with lawyers experienced in complex brain injury litigation.

It only takes a few seconds to be involved in an accident and have your life changed forever. At Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen, we understand the serious consequences of brain injuries. Any damage, whether mild or severe, can permanently impact one's physical and cognitive function and have harsh repercussions emotionally and financially.

If you have suffered a traumatic brain injury because of someone else's negligence in Rhode Island, we can help you obtain the settlement you deserve. The attorneys of Allen and Allen have handled personal injury cases nationwide and we can manage your Rhode Island brain injury case in Providence, Warwick, Cranston, Pawtucket, East Providence, Woonsocket, North Providence, West Warwick, Newport and Bristol.

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Brain injuries can occur when an individual is involved in any type of accident that causes forceful movement or inflicts trauma to the head. The resulting damage can affect vital brain functions such as memory, focus, language, physical abilities and emotional well-being. If someone else is responsible for your Rhode Island accident, you have the right to recover money for your expenses and obtain compensation for your emotional damage. Make sure you have an experienced brain injury attorney on your side protecting your rights.

Allen and Allen provides highly skilled legal representation for brain injured persons and their families all across the country and we can handle your Rhode Island brain injury case. We understand that any type of brain injury can impact one's ability to work, interact with others and live independently. We fight for compensation that will meet the current and future financial needs of our clients. Read more about our brain injury lawyers.

Handling Your Brain Injury Case

Injuries caused by brain trauma can often be difficult to prove depending on the severity of the injuries. In most cases, there is no apparent evidence of injury on the exterior of the head. The attorneys of Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen understand the complexity of brain injury litigation and they rely on help from brain injury specialists from across the country when managing your Rhode Island brain injury case.

When handling your case, we investigate the cause of your accident and determine who is liable for damages. We partner with experts such as medical professionals and life care planners to understand and document the severity of your brain injury. We use financial experts to evaluate the economic value of your case based on your immediate and future recovery needs. Collaboration with expert witnesses strengthens the evidence and impacts the results of your personal injury case in Rhode Island. Our goal is to get the maximum compensation possible. If this goal cannot be met with a settlement, we are always prepared to take your case to trial in Rhode Island.

Allen & Allen Advantage

With Allen and Allen representing your Rhode Island brain injury case, you will have an experienced and skilled brain injury attorney fighting for your rights. Because we understand the challenges involved in brain injury litigation, we have an exceptional team of people ready to handle every detail of your case. Our legal team consists of investigators, legal assistants, expert witnesses and litigation legal assistants who work with your attorney to fill in the pieces of what happened during your accident and help determine what financial recovery you deserve.

At Allen and Allen, our attorneys have the knowledge and experience needed to handle complicated traumatic brain injury cases. We stand up to insurance companies and opposing lawyers when they attempt to undervalue your claim and we skillfully manage your Rhode Island head injury case. We pursue full compensation that will provide the best recovery possible and alleviate the financial burden caused by your injury. 

Let Allen and Allen manage your Rhode Island brain injury case. Call 866-388-6412 for a free consultation.

If you live in Rhode Island and are looking for services that can help individuals learn to cope with a traumatic brain injury, contact The Brain Injury Association of Rhode Island. Whether for you or a loved one, you can find information, support groups and educational tools designed to help those affected by a brain injury.

Brain Injury Association of Rhode Island


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