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What is TBI - Traumatic Brain Injury?

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) occurs when trauma damages the brain. This can happen in many ways, but, most commonly, a person’s head either strikes an object or is struck by an object.

The most common causes of TBI are:

  • motor vehicle accidents
  • work-related accidents
  • sports-related accidents
  • blows to the head, and falls

There is another sequence of events we see frequently at the TBI law firm of Allen & Allen: Our client’s vehicle is struck hard in the rear, and he suffers what we call an acceleration/deceleration injury. In this case, he does not receive a direct blow to the head from an outside force. Instead, his brain strikes the inside of his skull as his head and shoulders are violently thrown backwards and forwards during the collision.

Occasionally, negligently performed surgical procedures may cause brain damage. The TBI attorneys at Allen & Allen handle cases like these.

Brain damage can be focal. This means it is confined to only one region of the brain. However, damage may be diffuse, meaning the injury involves more than one part of the brain. Physicians use the term closed head injury to describe a brain injury in which the victim sustains a blow to the head but his skull is not cracked or broken as a result. When a doctor diagnoses an open head injury, his patient has suffered a broken or cracked skull.

A person with a TBI may exhibit a variety of symptoms. They may range from mild headaches, a dazed feeling, and/or lightheadedness to seizures, slurred speech, weakness in the extremities, coma or death. For this reason, it is always important to see a doctor immediately for accurate diagnosis and proper treatment. And the sooner you engage a traumatic brain injury lawyer, the sooner we can begin gathering evidence to help you with your case.

Working with Our TBI Attorneys

At Allen & Allen our TBI lawyers have handled many head injury claims and our experience has allowed us to obtain substantial monetary settlements and recoveries for our injured clients. We will work closely with medical experts who can develop the evidence needed to win your case in court. Learn more about our attorneys.

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