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Traumatic brain injuries are often life-changing and can have detrimental short-term and long-term effects for the injured person and his or her family. For many years, the brain injury attorneys at Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen have protected the rights of West Virginians who have incurred personal injuries caused by the carelessness of others. In addition, we have also represented families who have lost loved ones due to fatal brain injuries.

If you are dealing with head injuries caused by an accident, you need a lawyer who will conduct a thorough investigation of the facts surrounding your injury, interview witnesses effectively, uncover and record evidence before it disappears and ensure you are getting the appropriate medical care. Allen and Allen has represented clients in West Virginia and we can handle your case throughout the state including: Parkersburg, Charleston, Wheeling, Huntington, Morgantown, Weirton, Fairmont, Beckley, Clarksburg, and Martinsburg.

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The brain injury lawyers of Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen work hard to get you the results you deserve.  Our attorneys have handled hundreds of brain injury cases and we have the experience to help you through this difficult period of your life. Our reputation as skilled lawyers in the legal community comes from years of thorough preparation and excellent results in the courtroom. In every case, we are committed to understanding each aspect of our client's injuries, from the physical injuries to the medical needs and even the psychological effects caused by head trauma. Our reputation is widely recognized - eight of our lawyers are listed in Best Lawyers in America. We can handle your case in West Virginia.

Expert Witnesses

It takes a team of people to build an effective brain injury case. The brain injury lawyers at Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen work closely with numerous experts whose testimony can greatly impact the outcome of a brain injury case. We have spent years establishing these professional relationships and work closely with each expert witness to present a compelling argument on your behalf for your West Virginia brain injury case.

When an individual sustains a head injury caused by an accident, there are many medical professionals that are involved in the diagnosis and treatment of the patient. These professionals help to rehabilitate brain injured patients so they can regain some of the mental and physical abilities they had before the accident. These experts provide an insightful look into the causes of a specific brain injury and the affect such an injury will have on an individual's day-to-day life and recovery process.

Allen & Allen Advantage

When you hire an attorney at Allen and Allen, you not only get the experience and wisdom of one of our lawyers, you also get a whole team of professionals working on your case in West Virginia. Brain injury litigation cases can be both complex and challenging. Both the brain injury attorneys and staff work together as a team to build a solid case that will convince insurance adjustors or impress a jury to award the right compensation to our West Virginia clients.

Our legal assistants are responsible for the daily activities of gathering and assembling the many complex medical documents that create the backbone of most personal injury cases. Other Allen and Allen teams at your disposal include our intake staff, on-staff professional investigators, and our litigation legal assistants. We all work together towards a common goal – to get you the compensation you deserve.

Put our team of experienced West Virginia brain injury attorneys to work for you. Call us at 866-388-6412 for a free consultation.

Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to look for help. If you live in West Virginia and are in need of services and programs for yourself, or a loved one, on coping with a traumatic brain injury, visit the website for The Brain Injury Alliance of West Virginia. This organization offers information, education and support for people throughout West Virginia with brain injuries.

Brain Injury Alliance of West Virginia


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