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At the law firm of Allen & Allen, our brain injury lawyers handle cases nationwide and can handle your Wisconsin brain injury case. Call 866-388-6412 for a free consultation. Work with lawyers experienced in complex brain injury litigation.

Any amount of brain damage can cause a wide range of functional changes affecting concentration, thinking, language and emotions. It is a devastating injury that can cause permanent damage and create a lifetime of complications and expense for both the injured victim and their family. At Allen and Allen, our attorneys have the experience, skill and resources to help individuals and families who have been hurt by the carelessness or intentional acts of others.

No matter how you were injured, the attorneys of Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen can help you receive the settlement you deserve. We have represented injured people and their families throughout the United States and we can manage your Wisconsin brain injury case in Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Kenosha, Racine, Appleton, Waukesha, Eau Claire, Oshkosh and Janesville.

If you live in Wisconsin, call 866-388-6412 for a free consultation. An experienced brain injury attorney will review your brain injury claim, provide answers to your questions and offer legal advice on how you should proceed.


A lawyer’s skill and experience can greatly influence the outcome of a Wisconsin brain injury case. If you, or a loved one, has sustained a traumatic brain injury from a Wisconsin accident in which another party is legally responsible, you need help from a brain injury lawyer with comprehensive knowledge and a strong background in head injury litigation. At Allen and Allen, we understand the personal impact a brain injury can have on a person’s life and we fight to obtain compensation that will cover our clients' present and future financial needs.

At the Allen Law Firm, our commitment to excellence has enabled us to obtain maximum compensation for our clients' injuries and lost wages. We rely on the experience and wisdom gained from decades of law practice and apply it to each and every personal injury case. If you have been injured because of another's carelessness, the attorneys of Allen and Allen have the experience and know-how to effectively manage your brain injury case in Wisconsin.  Read more about our attorneys.

Handling Your Brain Injury Case

At Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen, we understand the challenges involved with brain injury litigation. Our attorneys provide compassionate counsel and tough advocacy when representing brain injured clients. When handling each case, we focus on the cause and aftereffects of our client's brain injury, their care and treatment, and take into account their economic needs resulting from their brain injury.

The brain injury attorneys of Allen and Allen know that a compelling Wisconsin brain injury case requires technical information from a variety of brain injury experts. We work closely with physicians and other medical specialists when managing your Wisconsin brain injury case. When necessary, we seek medical evidence from life-care planners, neuropsychologists and other experts to understand the severity of a client's injury and identify the current and future medical care and rehabilitation services that our client will need. We have the resources and skill to effectively manage your Wisconsin brain injury case.

Allen & Allen Advantage

The lawyers of Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen have spent decades creating a notable law firm that can skillfully manage your Wisconsin personal injury case. We have witnessed the extreme emotional and financial toll that brain injuries can have on victims and their loved ones. Our attorneys provide personalized and skillful legal counsel to those who have been injured because of the negligent or intentional wrongdoing of others.  

At Allen and Allen, our attorneys seek financial compensation through either a settlement or jury verdict that effectively addresses the needs of our clients. We have spent years building a trained and experienced legal team that can capably protect the rights of accident victims suffering from brain damage. We work diligently to ensure that our clients get the medical attention they deserve and secure the fair compensation necessary to cover their current medical bills and any future rehabilitation and financial needs. With over 100 years of personal injury experience, we can competently manage your Wisconsin brain injury case.

At Allen and Allen, we represent the seriously injured and their families. Call 866-388-6412 today for help with your Wisconsin brain injury claim.

If you suffered a brain injury in a recent Wisconsin accident, contact the Brain Injury Alliance of Wisconsin. This state-wide organization provides education, support services, information and resources to brain injury survivors and their families throughout Wisconsin.

Brain Injury Alliance of Wisconsin

262-790-9660 / 800-882-9282

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