Brain Injury Attorneys

Serious brain injuries can have catastrophic consequences for both the injured person and his family. In just the few seconds it takes for an accident to happen, a brain injured person’s life can change forever. For decades, the brain injury attorneys at Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen have protected the rights of people who have suffered severe brain injuries through the negligence of others. We have also represented many families whose loved ones have suffered fatal brain injuries.

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We’ll explain the many ways our law firm can help you obtain fair and just compensation for your losses.

Brain Injury Attorneys



A lawyer’s experience is important in every personal injury case, but it is essential in a complex brain injury claim. To guide you through this difficult and troubled time you want a brain injury attorney with extensive knowledge and background in the field of head injury litigation. The attorneys of Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen have handled hundreds of injury cases - from hypoxic brain injuries to skull fractures to severe traumatic brain injuries. They understand the unique problems a brain injured person faces every day.


The brain injury lawyers of Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen prepare every case as if it will go to trial. We believe this is the only way an attorney can achieve his or her ultimate goal - a good monetary settlement for the client or a substantial jury verdict. Thorough trial preparation enables us to develop powerful and convincing cases to present to the insurance adjusters or to juries if the case goes to trial.


Our brain injury attorneys enjoy a reputation in the legal community as skilled lawyers who try cases and get excellent results. We share a commitment to understanding the physical, medical, and psychological effects of our brain injured clients experience. Six of our lawyers are listed in publication Best Lawyers in America. Learn more about our attorneys.


Allen & Allen Advantage

Litigation in severe brain injury cases is demanding and complicated. It takes a coordinated team approach on the part of both brain injury attorneys and staff to build a case that will impress a jury and withstand attack by the opposing party. Over the last half century the personal injury and brain injury law firm of Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen has built an internal organization designed to handle your case efficiently and effectively.

Your litigation team will be led by an experienced brain injury lawyer at Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen who is experienced in handling these types of cases.
Our intake staff knows just what to do to get your case off to a good start.
Our legal assistants are trained to handle the day to day business of gathering and assembling the complex medical records, reports, and other documents that form the foundation of most injury cases.
Should a lawsuit be filed, our litigation legal assistants know how to help you and your brain injury lawyer comply with discovery requests and get your case ready for trial.
Our specialty teams perform specific tasks like tracking Medicare, Medicaid and other liens that sometimes arise in serious brain injury lawsuits.

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